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The Story Frutas Prohibidas is our decaf coffee which comprises two lots: Fazenda Pedra Preta, known for sustainable Tropicalia agroforestry and high-quality coffee, and Fazenda do Salto, a traditional coffee farm managed by the 5th generation of the Reis family.


With 800 hectares in Sul de Minas, Fazenda do Salto cultivates various coffee varieties, employing tailored production techniques under Otavio Reis's guidance. This lot is processed for decaffeination with the C02 method, where green coffee beans are soaked in highly compressed C02, which extracts the caffeine.


The caffeine is then removed from the C02 using activated carbon filters, which are then reused to extract caffeine from the coffee again.



Price inc. VAT 3%

Sweet Dreams - Frutas Prohibidas C02 DECAF

VAT Included
  • Origin

    Country: Brazil

    Region: Sul de Minas, Minas Gerais

    Farms: Double farm lot Fazenda's Do Juquina and Pedra Petra

  • Coffee Bean

    Species: Arabica

    Variety: Red Bourbon. Yellow Bourbon

    Process: CO2 Decaf

    Altitude: 1000-1150

    Crop: 2023/24

  • Taste & Score

    Roast Type: Espresso, Fully Automatic Coffee Machine, FilterCoffee

    Notes:  Dried Dates; Sweet; Toffee

    SCA Score: 84

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