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Introducing "The Dark Punch," the second blend in our Blendology Series. This marks our inaugural use of specialty Canephora Beans (Robusta), offering a truly distinctive flavor profile. Each coffee bean has been meticulously chosen to craft this exceptional blend, promising a one-of-a-kind taste experience with every sip.


At its core lies a base of naturally processed Brazilian coffee, renowned for its chocolatey, nutty, and marzipan notes. This is complemented by 20% of high-quality Robusta beans sourced from Rwanda. The result? A harmonious fusion that delivers the hallmark strength of Robusta alongside an added kick of caffeine, all accentuated by a delightful hint of sweet maltiness.


Espresso aficionados are sure to revel in this unique offering.


Price inc. VAT 3%

Dark Punch - Blendology

VAT Included
  • Brazil (50%)

    Species/Variety: Arabica , Mundo Novo & Catuai

    Process/Altitude: Natural ,950m                           

    Farm: Fazenda Sao José, Barbosa family. Region Guaxupé, Minas Gerais

    Notes: Chocolate, Almond paste

    SCA Score: 83,50              

  • Rwanda (20%)

    Species/Variety: Canephora / Robusta

    Process/Altitude: Washed ,1500m                           

    Washing station: Kiyumba Washing Station

    Notes: Maltic-Sweet, Chocolate, Almond

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