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Chire is a highland area located in Kere Woreda, in the Sidamo region, and known for producing high end specialty Ethiopian Sidamo coffee. Chire Washing Station produces both specialty washed and natural Grade 1 and Grade 2 coffees. The coffee station works with over 900 small holder farmers that grow coffee on areas between 1-2 hectares. Besides coffee, the area is known for producing false bananas and avocados.


This coffee is washed and exhibits fruity, floral aromatic characteristics. The washed process is favored by many because it yields a cleaner, brighter coffee with distinct flavors. We love it as a pourover or for use with a filtercoffee machine.


About washed process


These are the steps of a washed processed coffee:

  • Picking: Ripe coffee cherries are collected by hand.

  • Removing the Skin: The outer skin of the cherries is removed, revealing the beans inside.

  • Fermentation: The beans are soaked in water to loosen the sticky layer around them.

  • Washing: The beans are washed to remove the loosened sticky layer.

  • Drying: The washed beans are dried in the sun or using machines.

  • Hulling and Sorting: The dried beans are processed to remove the outer layer and any defects.

  • Packaging and Exporting: The processed beans are packed and sent out for roasting.


Price inc. VAT 3%

Ethiopia - Chire Washing Station

VAT Included
  • Origin

    Country: Ethiopia

    Region: Sidama Region

    Washing station:  Chire Washing station

    Altitude: 1830-1890m            

  • Coffee Bean

    Species: Arabica

    Variety: Heirloom, Quality: Sidamo Grade 2

    Process: Washed

    Crop: 2023

  • Taste & Score

    Roast Type: Filter / Slow Coffee

    Notes:  Citrus, Peach, Berries, Black tea, Coffee blossom

    SCA Score: 84,75

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