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Our Story

Our passion is the artisanal roasting of coffee and sharing and discovering our daily motivation. Coffee was not just some random choice, but a choice of the heart. 

Patrick Gianni , Co-Founder


Patrick is the Co-Founder of Feierboun Coffeeroasters. Far from his current dream of a coffee roastery, he has spent a long career in a completely different professional field and came into coffee by passion. This passion was born over the years and especially during his travels. His enthusiasm and interest in coffee roasting began 3 years ago, when he was offered the opportunity to participate in a coffee roasting workshop. Since then coffee has become part of his daily routine. Different experiences in this field followed one after the other, of which a visit of a coffee farm in Thailand. This made it possible to understand the whole process from the seed to roasted coffee bean. Finally he decided to consolidate his experiences with an advanced training as a coffee roaster at the Coffee Consulate in Germany, Mannheim and embark with his nephew and partner Vincent into the specialty Coffee business. His challenge and personal motivation is to give Luxembourg a coffee of difference, chosen for its high quality with perceptible aromatic nuances and by an unconventional approach.​

Vincent Della Schiava, Co-Founder

Early on, Vincent discovered his passion for cooking, preparation, ingredients and the alimentation industry as a whole. From all the foods and skills learned, one plant, respectively one bean stood out; It was the complexity and the beauty of a single coffee bean. Quickly Vincent fell in love with the whole process, starting from where the coffee bean grows, it's region, it's careful selection, it's riping period, all the way to the preparation, research and precise roasting methods, to aim the best possible extraction and provide a great experience to the customer. With Patrick, Vincent will be able to fully expand his vision for coffee and continue to strive for more knowledge, experience and precision, to make Feierboun known for coffee.

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