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Experience Our Store
(Closed for renovations until octobre 2023)

Your local Coffee Spot in Luxembourg City


We're really happy to tell you that we're opening our first store in the center of Luxembourg City. You'll find us at L-1212 Luxemburg, 3 Rue des Bains, next to the "Badeanstalt", public baths. We're just a quick walk away from the busy Grand Rue, and there's parking close by at the Theater Parking.

Up until now, we've been a roastery in a basement, open only by appointment. The new shop changes all of this. It's a place where we can meet you, our awesome customers, face to face. And we'll be able to offer you more, like new coffee gear and a tasty new coffee and pastry menu. Don't worry - our roastery in Bascharage will stay right where it is. 


This pop-up shop is just our first step towards having a regular coffeeshop, which will be in the same spot. We're already thinking about what's next, and it's going to be even more exciting. So, keep following us - there's a lot more coming your way!

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