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Our Coffee

The guarantees of our specialty coffees

Careful selection of our beans


Our special selection of coffee beans starts with extensive research in various regions around the world. Crops and Farms must meet our criteria as we want to achieve superior quality by also ensuring fair trade and practicing best direct trade procedures. The established SCA ratings of each coffee bean helps us also to find coffee, but our experience in roasting and identifying potential beans, is and will be the most important part of our outstanding coffee! We will always have our standard range of coffee, but to stir up things, we will reveal some serious excellent coffee roasting blends now and then! 

It is highly likely that the major first impression that you will get from us would be taste. It would not surprise us if you notice sweet - tropical fruits, citrus - green apple, or nutty - chocolate flavourness. Our coffee is rare, very carefully selected and roasted to extract the best out of each bean. You will always see a SCA Rating on our Coffee provided by an expert educated by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). This score represents a scientific quantifiable and qualifiable measure, and sets a benchmark, respectively a grade for each coffee bean. 

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