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Luis Eduardo Campos opened his own mill after a lifetime working for other coffee companies and cooperatives. His hard work, knowledge, and honesty are well known in the industry. Luis passionately experiments with different fermentation and drying methods and receives excellent results. For anaerobic processing, the cherries must be extremely ripe. The coffee is pulped and placed with all its mucilage in fermentation tanks. Additional mucilage from other cherries, calibrated very accurately to obtain the gel of the mucilage, is added to the fermentation tanks. After thorough mixing, the tanks are hermetically sealed. During fermentation, the resulting CO2 exerts a high pressure on the beans and allows the flavors of the coffee juices to penetrate inside the parchment.


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Costa Rica - Cordillera de Fuego

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  • Origin

    Country: Costa Rica

    Region: Tarrazú                   

    Micromill: Cordillera de Fuego - Finca la Ortiga

    Altitude: 1750 m                       

  • Coffee Bean

    Species: Arabica

    Variety: Caturra & Catuai

    Process: Honey processed - Anaerobic fermentation

    Crop: 2023

  • Taste & Score

    Roast Type: FilterCoffee, Slow Coffee

    Notes: Cinnamon, Blueberry,  Lime, Vinous, Sparkling, Champagne

    SCA Score: 87,50

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