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The Southfusion is the the first Coffee Blend of our Blendology Series. Each coffee has been carefully selected to achieve this special character blend for a unique taste experience in your cup. The base consist of natural processed Brazilian coffee that adds some notes of Caramel and Nougat. The washed Honduras gives the taste of Orange and milk chocolate.


For the complex side the natural Ethiopia will add the notes of Jasmin and Blueberry. All together this blend creates a sweet,chocolaty, floral and fruity Espresso, that is low in acidity and complex in taste


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South Fusion - Blendology

VAT Included
  • Brazil (50%)

    Species/Variety: Arabica , Mundo Novo & Catuai

    Process/Altitude: Natural ,950m                           

    Farm: Fazenda Sao José, Barbosa family. Region Guaxupé, Minas Gerais

    Notes: Chocolate, Almond paste

    SCA Score: 83,50              

  • Ethiopia (25%)

    Species/Variety: Arabica , Heirloom

    Process/Altitude:  Washed, 1700m                           

    Washing station: Chire Washing Station, Sidama Region

    Notes: Red currant,Raisin

    SCA Score: 84,75

  • Guatemala (25%)

    Species/Variety: Arabica / Caturra & Bourbon

    Process/Altitude: Washed ,1500m                           

    Farm: Finca Medina, Producer Jorge Bolaños alias "Coco"

    Notes: Amaretto, Peach

    SCA score: 84,75

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