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Our concept

Our approch as specialty coffee roasters.

The different taste and approach

As you might know, we are not a normal coffee roasting shop. We are always looking for the new "edge" at Feierboun, is it the selection of coffee beans, the detailed coffee roasting methods, the right selection for a coffee blend, the way of cupping, all the way to how we pack our orders and the moment you hold a cup of coffee in your hands. As a proud member of the Specialty Coffee Association, the FairTrade Community (in , and a well-established Direct Trade Policy, we ensure that our sustainable coffee is not only of superior quality, but also built to improve working conditions among hard working farmers around the globe in different social and economic regions


With this approach we achieve transparency, honesty, and quality. As one of the few Coffeeroasters in Luxembourg, our main goal is to provide complex specialty coffee to the Luxembourgish community.

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