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This exceptional coffee from Rwanda is a natural processed with a special fermentation called anaerobic fermentation. Anaerobic fermentation is a coffee processing method where coffee is fermented in pressurized sealed tanks deprived of oxygen. This lack of oxygen produces distinct acids, lactic acids for example, that create a different and distinct flavor profile for the coffee.


The coffee comes from the Muhondo Washing Station, which is located in the Gakenke District in the northern region, at an altitude of 1800m.


The climate and soil conditions in this area are ideal for coffee cultivation. From October to May, the coffee plants receive ample rainfall, allowing them to grow slowly and develop a unique aroma and body. The surrounding mountains are covered with coffee trees and the homes of local farmers. These farmers transport their coffee cherries to the washing station on foot or by bicycle. Muhondo provides significant support for these farmers, not just in logistics, seedlings, water supply, and fertilizers, but also through valuable agricultural training. Moreover, they can apply for loans, further ensuring their security and success.


This coffee stands out thanks to its special fermentation process.


What impact does this have on the taste of the coffee?

Anaerobic: This is the fermentation of coffee cherries or beans in a very low-oxygen environment. This produces intense, often fruity and vinous flavors.
Natural process: The natural process in coffee, also known as the dry process, is one of the primary methods used to prepare coffee beans for roasting. This process involves allowing the coffee cherries to dry naturally in the sun, rather than removing the fruit mechanically or through soaking. The natural process is known for imparting distinctive fruity and fermented flavors to the coffee beans, as some of the sugars from the fruit are absorbed by the beans during the drying process. It is often favored in regions where water resources are limited or where traditional methods are culturally significant
Impact on taste: The combination of anaerobic fermentation and a natural process produces a coffee with a very rich aroma and clear fruity notes.


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Rwanda - Muhondo Washing Station

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  • Origin

    Country: Rwanda

    Region: Gakenke District                     

    Washing Station: Muhondo

    Altitude: 1900 m                       

  • Coffee Bean

    Species: Arabica

    Variety: Bourbon, Jackson

    Process: Nautral processed - Anaerobic fermentation

    Crop: 2023

  • Taste & Score

    Roast Type: FilterCoffee, Slow Coffee

    Notes: Banana, Black Cherry, Jasmine, Grapefruit, Citrus Fruit, Nougat, Peach, Pineapple

    SCA Score: 87,75

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