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Our coffees mean everything to us, which is why we are happy to present them in a specially designed box. Perfect to experience by yourself or to offer to your loved ones.


We assembled this special box for you, to let you discover our favourite coffee selection. With this box you'll make a journey through our best Espresso and Filtercoffees. Discover our specialty coffees and taste the difference between each coffee and the terroir they're coming from.


The box includes a mix of coffees, which are suitable for espresso, filter or/and fully automatic machine preperations. Up to you to discover which one suits you best. The selection is:


- 1 x 250gr Ethiopia - Chire Washing Station

- 1 x 250gr South Fusion - Blendology

- 1 x 250gr Indonesia - Sumatra Gay Mandheling Faitrade

- 1 x 250gr Peru Café del Futuro Fairtrade


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Feierboun's Selection Box

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