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The Chemex, an iconic slow coffee maker renowned for its iconic style and ingenuity.

People are drawn to Chemex not only for its simple elegance, but also because it’s fun to use and the resulting cup brings out a terroir’s subtleties and reveals every facet of the coffee.

Chemex paper filters are heavier and less porous than average, so they retain the grounds and most of the beans’ oils. The result is a clear, crisp filter coffee, a smooth extraction and a beautiful intricacy and aromatic clarity.


Its functionality has been awarded by both the scientific and coffee communities.


Its strenghts

  • Handmade in the USA
  • The wooden collar allows you to serve without burning yourself
  • Thick filter for slow extraction



Price incl. 16% VAT

Chemex Brewer (only Caraffe)

VAT Included
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